Harry Potter Edits, or HPE for short are short stories that tell about the tales of our special characters after Hogwarts. They are nothing but funny, might be a bit disturbing for some, and are completely humoristic, so enjoy them!
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Our dumbatious star, Harry Potter.


You can find information about the characters in their pages, but for now, here is a short list of them:

Harry PotterEdit

Hermione GrangerEdit

Ronald WeasleyEdit

Ginny WeasleyEdit

Lord Voldemort

Abeforth Dumbledore

Bellatrix LestrangeEdit

Rubeus HagridEdit

Albus DumbledorEdit

George WeasleyEdit

Molly WeasleyEdit

Bill WeasleyEdit

Fleur WeasleyEdit

And such. Information will soon be added.

Types of EditsEdit

As there are many characters, there are many types of edits, and, to be honest, every edit deserves it's own cathegory. But, the main types of edits are:

Doomsday -Edit

It has come to conquire this too! Doomsday edits do the unbelievable! They make Harry wise, Billa a nun, and even Bella into a nice and loving person! Youve guessed it, it completely reverses the character, makes them the exact opposite of what they are.

Soul Switches -Edit

The soul switches edits are quite unique and interesting. Abeforth seems to have the power to exchange souls, thus, if for example, Hermione and Billa are close to each other, he has the ability to make Billa's soul go into Hermione's body, and so, Hermione's soul goes into Billa's body, so Hermione is Billa and Billa is Hermione, and, if Billa-Hermione (Billa's soul inside Hermione) meets Hagrid, so Abeforth can switch their souls, thus we have Billa-Hagrid and Hagrid-Hermione and so on.

Crossovers - Edit

The cross-over edits are all about combinating between Harry Potter characters and other films, books or worlds characters. For example, once, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, George and Harry traveled to the world of Pirates of The Caribbean, and once, the characters of Twilight visited Harry Potter characters, and there was a time when Harry Potter characters visited Narnia.

Normal Edits - Edit

Normal edits will usually only happen in the world of Harry Potter, with the same characters, fighting, conspiring, discovering and laughing, so basicly, this has the biggest variety of edits, since everything is possible, even Harry becoming a Were-Vampire Fairy, which indeed exists, as we all found out! (Pet all the cactuses around the world Harry).