Ron WeasleyEdit

Ron weasley is quite an untalanted young wizard. He has no skills, he isn't smart and the only thing he's good at

Rony Weasley HP7P1

Ron is mad at Hermione, as always.

is being funny. Yes, Ron Weasley is an important part of HPE's, but he isn't the most important. Ginny Weasley, his sister, likes to make fun of him in many ways. When he tries to disapparates, he usually gets splinched, usually, afterwards, will be coming the infamous saying: I hate her!, to Hermione for some reason. Ronald isn't very clever, and he doesn't really take a big part in the edits, which is why I find it hard to tell you about him. At Doomsday, he becomes a very smart, badass and attractive person, just the opposite of what he usually is. He is in love with Hermione, which sometimes loves him back, but mostly makes him suffer, either beats him up or casts a hurtful spell at him.

Ron's CurfewEdit

Hermoine and ron

Ron and Hermione. True love.

Once, when it was about twelve P.M, Ron said he had to go to sleep. Ginny laughed at him, teased him, and asked him what will happen if he won't. Actually, it was a curfew hour, set by Mrs.Weasley, and when Ron wasn't asleep nor at his room at time, he, Ginny, Harry, George and Hermione were sent to another time, happened to be a time with prates (Jack, Barbossa, Pirates of The Caribbean). Meeting Barbossa and being trained, Ron finally becomes manly, and wins Hermione's heart fairly. Gotta say, long before that happened, were alot of funny things.

Ron and HermioneEdit

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Ron at a normal day.

Since the very begining, Ron wasn't important at all, so, he and Hermione weren't together, but at some point, they do become a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and never break up after that (at least not without making up). Hermione's often in bad mood though, which makes it harder on Ron to generaly be around her and love her. But they do happen to have one of the strongest bonds ever seen in HPE's.