Lord Voldemort is a very powerful wizard, whose first goal in the HPE saga was to harm and eventually kill Harry Potter. His methods in tracking Harry vary from edit to edit, and include locating him, sending death eaters, requesting help from Abeforth and so on. Later, upon realizing that Harry is immortal, he ceased his attempts, and became a regular character in the HPE world, often taking part of activities with all of the other characters.

Harry's PatronusEdit

Upon their first meeting of the saga, Harry tried to cast his patronus at Voldemort. However, Voldemort was powerful enough to stop the patronus with his bare hands, and upon sensing Lord Voldemort's magical energy, Harry's Patronus became a sentient creature, and broke out from under Harry's influence and control. Voldemort often called upon the Silver reindeer's help in chasing Harry since the beginning, but has eventually stopped, shortly after the reindeer turned into an actual living animal.

Relationship with HermioneEdit

Upon one of Hermione's usual rants about how predictable everything is, Voldemort asked her to go out with him. They had a short relationship in the HPE comics, but it didn't last very long. The two remained on good terms, however, even after their relationship has ended.

Doomsday VoldemortEdit

During doomsday editions, Voldemrt develops a cheery personality, calling out "Happy Anniversary!", and becomes vulnerable and targeted by every weapon or dangerous object in the area. Also, nearly every person around him is overwhelmed by the desire to try and murder him. But he usually goes back to life and keeps on spreading Doomsday cheer.