Hermione Jean GrangerEdit

Hermione is one of the most talented wizard, but she is kind of bi-polar. She is ridiculously smart and bossy most of the time, but is still very serious and helpful at times. She doesn't like making a fool of herself, and is usually very


Hermione Granger, not a good mood.

sarcastic, in a serious way. She can be nice, but isn't one to be messed with. She's the one that keeps the golde trio in check and comes up with most of their plans

she was one of the most selfless characters as was shown when she eared her parents memories to shave them. She saves the trio with quick wit and a extensive knowledge of the wizarding world on multiple occasions

#one of the bravest characters

Hermione and VoldemortEdit

Hermione bellatrix

Bella and Hermione.

Well, it did once happen (at comic version of HPE's), that Hermione and Voldemort were in love, and Hermione told Ron he's worth nothing, and that Voldemort is the best, so they started dating, while Harry and Abeforth were spying on them, but Harry cursed Hermione with Levicorpus,and blew that whole thing up. It didn't however last, and they broke up when the second volume came out (not quite a break up, just stopped dating).

Hermione at Barbossa'sEdit

When Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny and George arrived to Pirates of The Caribbean, Ginny sold Hermione, Ron and Harry to Barbossa for total freedom at ship. Barbossa agreed, and once at his office, he taught Hermione how to be a lady, and how to treat and seduce a man. He called her flat, and changed her tone of speach,

"I am.. FLAT?!"

changed the way she walked and kissed and basicly, everything about her, so she was very different ever since. But it won't last for too long, we love our angry Hermie.