Ginny WeasleyEdit

Ginny, Ginerva Weasley. She might seem like an innocent red-hair, but she is not. Ginny is very sneaky, and


Ginny and one of many Ex-Boyfriends.

likes to hurt Harry, Ron, and... well, everyone to be honest. She doesn't serve the dark lord, she is a free spirit, does whatever she likes. She has an interesting friendship with her brother George and quite an interesting fighting-friendship relationship with Abeforth. She is a brilliant witch, and has a very spicy personality, which is probably why we all love her so much. At Doomsday, Ginny, Bellatrix and Draco go on a voyaje around the world, saying:"have a nice day, happy vallentines and happy anniversary.". Ginny and Draco fall in love at Doomsday, and Ginny wears a white long dress and decorates everyplace with flowers.

Ginny and HarryEdit

Ginny HBP

Ginny. Don't piss her off after a good bath!

Well, since this Ginny is quite nothing like the other Ginny, this Ginny is much more confident, vicious and.. well, she is just more Bellatrix alike. She hates Harry, and teases him all the time, calles him names, sometimes tortures him. They aren't a boyfriend and a girlfriend, and I think that the closest thing to a boyfriend Ginny had was Jack Sparrow. It didn't last for far too long. She was killed by a bartender. Sad story. But, then again, she has Draco as her boyfriend every Doomsday.

Ginny and The Death EatersEdit


Ginny sees the dark mark...

Ginny has turned into a death eater, and not once, to be honest. She loves using her power to scare other people away. She loves freaking them out and torturing them. She joined the dark forces and used her skills to help Voldemort many times. Mostly because she can't stand Harry. And yes, as a death eater, she did great!